Thin Line

Feb 18-22, 2015 | Denton, TX

  • Film

    Watch the best and most relevant documentaries in the world

  • Music

    Nationally-touring acts every night of the festival at a historic downtown venue.

  • Photo

    Photo galleries around downtown Denton - all Free to the public.

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Antarctica: A Year On Ice

2014 Film - Antarctica: A Year on Ice

Last year, audiences learned what it was like to live in Antarctica, and following the film, heard from a scientist who lived there at the U.S. civilian base.

Thin Line Film

Quality Documentaries
relevant stories

Thin Line 2015 will again bring inspiring stories, from around the corner and around the world.

Immerse yourself in a high-quality cinema experience, featuring HD projection and sound in the historic Campus Theatre.

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The Best and Most Relevant Documentaries

Films from Sundance, and films nominated for an Oscar.


Multi-Genre, Multi-Awesome

Nationally-touring acts every night, with the best local and regional sounds.


4 Themed Categories, Cash Prizes

Enter an Instagram contest and win cash money!


Parties, Awards, Networking

We're in Denton! There's plenty to do until closing time.

Thin Line Music

Here is a look at some notable artists from 2014


Indie Rock with Lou Barlow.

Snow tha Product

Hip-Hop Artist and Rapper

Brave Combo

Denton icon and two-time Grammy winners.

The O's

Americana at it's best.



Had two stops in Texas, Denton and Austin

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Snow the Product

Snow tha Product

Played with Sam Lao, and Jenny Robinson

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Brave Combo

Brave Combo

In true Denton fashion, was the inaugural music event

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The O's

The O's

Took a break from touring, gave us an awesome show

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